Thursday, October 5, 2017

Etsy Restock Preview

*As of October 10, all books have now sold. A restock will take place in about one week.

I have created 6 one-of-a-kind journals for this restock - reverting back to my thick leather books which were not in the last one. 

I have more of these coming leading up to Christmas, so only releasing a few at a time. 

They are enormously time consuming and I feel like I might need a helper in the studio... 

There are 5 extra thick recycled leather journals which feature a variety of vintage textiles. The textiles have been hand dyed by me, to be incorporated into the binding. There is also a vintage linen journal which has been Coptic stitched and is filled with the near-obsolete luxurious deed laid paper.

With my slow & laborious studio practice, I am unable to produce a large amount of books at any one time, so I thank you for your patience and understanding.

Each piece of paper is hand torn, stained, pressed and folded. There are between 330-430 pages in each book. The leather remnants are hand cut, stitched & embossed by hand. There are no machines in my studio, apart from the kettle, if that is a machine. I use high quality paper, decorative paper & strong Irish linen thread in all my books. These books are rustic in nature, and created specifically to look this way.

I truly love this work. It takes up a majority of my time, and I would not have it any other way.

If you click on each image you will see a larger version to show details of each book.

This restock will be tomorrow 6th October 8:00 am NZST. Please google your time zones to check what time this may be for you.

Sunset Stories *Sold

Thoughtlands *Sold

Fly *Sold

Rugged Rouge *Sold

Botanica *Sold

Quiet Moments *Sold

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