Friday, November 10, 2017

Next Small Run of Journals

I have created a small run of 6 recycled / vintage leather journals for this restock. 4 are my extra thick leather journals with over 430 pages each, and 2 are miniature soft cover leather notebooks.

I will have more of this style in my next restock. My studio practice is slow & involved so I do appreciate your patience. While I'd love to churn out 20 books a week, it's impossible. Each one takes a long time and has various stages of waiting times in between.

I have listed them from the largest to the smallest, and you will see an old cloth measuring tape in inches, which is in most of the photos showing the size of each book - otherwise it is in my hand so you can imagine it in your own hand. These are all blank books, without lines - free for your writing, sketches, musings & snippets of things. If you don't see 'your' book - don't despair, I have more coming weekly leading to Christmas.

If you have questions please ask, but you will be able to see the descriptions of each one tomorrow when I list them. If you click on each image you can zoom in - they are quite large.

Restock is 11th November 8:00 am NZST.

*All books are now sold

Daisy Days - *Sold
Through the Keyhole - *Sold
The Storyteller - *Sold
Swallow Song - *Sold
Notes to Self -*Sold
Sunshine Pocket Book -*Sold


  1. WOW... You have been BUSY!!! All are so exquisitely beautiful. I love spending time perusing each image - each photograph is a work of art in itself. Thanks so much for sharing

    1. Thanks so much Kim! Lovely to find you here. Yes it has been a busy few months.


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